L2L WALK 2024

Official Walk

14 – 17 March 2024


About L2L 2024

2024 Will be our 18th year since Lighthouse 2 Lighthouse Ladies was founded.  However, this year we walk our 21st walk!

The route has been fine tuned since the first walk in 2006, but has remained more or less the same over the past 5 years.  


    There is a lot to remember when packing for the 4-day walk.  To this end, it is important to familiarise yourself with the programme.  

    Please print out for ease of use – the signal at Die Dam is weak, which makes accessing information online a challenge.  Bring the hard copies along with you.


      The 4-day 100km hike can only be completed within the limited time if you are fit.  You must therefore be fit enough to walk 30km on one day.

      The terrain varies, but is mostly on hard and sandy beaches.  Many ladies get fit on tar roads.  It is important that some of your training is on sandy, uneven terrain so that your legs and feet are prepared for the challenge of the hard and soft sand that we walk on.

      Participating in the Practice Walks is an option – it gives you an idea of the pace we walk as well as the different types of terrain and distances we will be walking.

      It is also important to note that we can only walk as fast as the slowest walker on the four day hike.  Unfit walkers put their own safety as well as that of the other walkers at risk.

      getting there

      If you are travelling from out of town it is important that when you make your travel arrangements to keep the following in mind:

      1. You need to collect the official T-shirt, tog bag, taxi bag and other L2L goodies on Wednesday (Collection Day) before we start walking on Thursday.

      2.  We leave Hermanus on a bus early on Thursday morning and drive to Agulhas – our starting point.

      3.  It takes a minimum of 2 hours to travel from Cape Town International Airport to Hermanus.

      4. You also need to sleep over in Hermanus on Wednesday night so that you are able to meet early on Thursday morning to sign in and get onto the bus.

      First time walkers get a tog bag at the Collection Day on Wednesday, so make sure that you can leave any extra luggage somewhere – there are lots of friendly walkers living in Hermanus that might be able to help.


      All meals are provided for during the 4 day walk.  Breakfast is provided early morning at Die Dam.

      Enough is provided so that each walker can then pack themselves lunch in their plastic container.

      Water is provided to fill up water bottles and those that have brought a flask can even take tea or coffee along.

      Our route is far away from shops and restaurants, so everything that you want to eat along the route needs to be packed into your backpack for the day.

      Snacks need to also be packed – bring these along from home or use what is given in your goodie bags on Wednesday on Collection Day.


      There is limited space for your luggage.  Remember we travel from Hermanus to our accommodation at Die Dam by bus.

      Your luggage is made up of :

      (a) 1x tog bag for 4 days’ clothing, snacks, toiletries, first aid kit, etc

      (b) 1x sleeping bag and pillow (taxi bag)

      (c) day pack with your daily supplies, etc.

      (d) a camp chair to sit on at the eating area at Die Dam.

      The chalets are holiday homes, so there are porches or areas to sit in the sun and socialise with your friends.



      We have been fortunate to secure accommodation at Die Dam.  We use the holiday homes for the 3 nights of the walk.

      Most of the beds are double and you will therefore need to share.

      The alternative is to bring your own tent and camp.

      Die Dam has comfortable ablution blocks and electrcitiy for those that want to blow dry their hair.