bringing light to overstrand

Raising Funds

The main aim of L2L Ladies is to raise funds for selected charities in the Overstrand Municipal District. 


Our Activities


The ladies involved in L2L care deeply for their communities.  These are ladies from all over South Africa.  As speicific needs are identified, L2L is able to identify when it is possible to support these charities or projects.


Our long standing relationship with our supporters, donors and sponsors facilitates the raising of funds. 

As a registered NPO (NPO 169-860), we spare no effort in using the money we raise to support the charities we have identified as beneficiaries.


The founders of this charity walked to raise funds for their cancer charity in 2006.  This tradition is embedded in the vision and mission of L2L.

The walking is completed through the Official Walk, the Practice Walks and the all Wednesday Walks.


The ultimate purpose of a lighthouse is to use light to stop ships from crashing into land when visibility is poor at sea. 

The Overstrand is the L2L Ladies’ Charity sea and the aim of L2L is to support charitable projects in such a way that they are not shipwrecked due to lack of funds. 


Past Beneficiaries

The Lighthouse 2 Lighthouse Ladies have been raising money for charities in the Overstrand since 2006.  The funds are given towards a specific project submitted by these charities for approval before the charity is selected as beneficiary for the year.

We ask these charities to report back on the monies that we have donated to them so that our donors, sponsors and communities have an idea of the difference that has been made.


Izibusiso Foster Home was our main beneficiary in 2023.  They have bought, renovated and opened their second home in Zwelihle.  The home is already helping abandoned babies to find “forever homes”.


The L2L are walking in April 2022 to raise funds for the much needed renovation of 8 bathrooms at the facility in Hermanus.


HCFS has consolidated their homes into 2 safe houses and are helping children older than 5years old to find suitable foster homes.


Camphill School was elected as the 2019 Beneficiary in 2019.  Enough funds were raised to buy a new bus to transport the children to and from school.


COVID restrictions meant that L2L had to schedule two L2L walks  in 2021 to raise funds for HCFS so that they could buy / renovate a house for their foster children.


The Butterfly Centre in Stanford was elected in 2020 as the main beneficiary by the L2L Ladies.

 R800,000 was raised for a new building – fundraising that was done just before the lockdown in 2020.

Past Beneficiaries

Lighthouse 2 Lighthouse Ladies has raised over R5million since its inception in 2006.

Here is the updated list of charities that have been supported by the incredible efforts of the L2L walks.