Please tick the walk that you want to join. Please only tick one.
South African Identity Number OR Passport# and Country of Residence if foreign
Please enter your date of birth, this is used for age group statistics.
Street Name & Number, Or House Name
Please Pick the Province from the drop down list, or select "OTHER" if you are not from South Africa. This is for Statistical Purposes
This is for statistical purposes, please type the name of your country of residence.
* Chalet (rooms may be shared, there are some single beds, double beds and also mattresses. Walkers bring their own sleeping bag & pillow). *Camping is available (Walkers provide their own tents).
What exercise or sport do you participate in regularly?
Please pick a T-shirt size from the drop down list


The detail below is required as we have to provide an ICE (In Case of Emergency) Card to be attached to your day pack
How is the ICE Contact (Next of Kin) related to you
Next of Kin Name
Contact number of Next of Kin
Name and contact number of Doctor
Medical Aid Name; Med Aid Authorisation Tel. eg Discovery; 086998877
Medical Aid membership number and dependent code (eg. 016245221;01)
If you do not know your blood type, please go and have it tested. This is very important information that we need for your ICE card.
What do you do for a living? (Job)

Please be sure to check and tick ALL the declarations above.