Funds Raised for Previous Beneficiaries:

L2L Walks


CANSA Hermanus

10 000,00

2007-2010 Overstrand Hospice

313 328,00


SOFCA Hermanus

171 171,00


Child Welfare Hermanus

222 222,00


Huis Lettie Theron

277 277,00


Waldorf School Hermanus

285 285,00


Hermanus Night Shelter

417 000,00


Clive Prins Youth Addiction Program

456 456,00


JustCare Aftercare

549 690,00


Hermanus Senior Centre

674 665,42


Camphill School

677 677,38

4 054 771,80

L2L Practice Walks


Hermanus Animal Welfare Society

20 230,00


Overstrand Hospice

16 000,00


Kids Can (Afterschool Care Centre)

31 050,00


Overberg Wheelchair Association

13 000,00


Hermanus Rainbow Trust

10 000,00



17 690,00



23 955,00



50 000,00

181 925,00



L2L Ladies Walk encourages all Non-Profit/ Public Benefit organisations situated within the Overstrand municipal district to apply for the funds raised during each year’s walk. Applications open in June to all charities, during which they are required to compile a 1 page summary of a proposed project that would benefit from funds raised by L2L Ladies Walk for a specific year.  The opening and closing dates for proposed projects by Charities are announced in the local media, on the L2L Ladies Walk Facebook page and on their webpage  After the closing date, the L2L Ladies Walk committee will study each application according to the selection criteria set out in the Lighthouse2Lighthouse Ladies NPO Constitution which includes:

  • Be a registered NPO
  • Propose a viable, realistic project with detailed planning and dates
  • Own the necessary property and have approved building plans if the request for funds is for a building project
  • Show proof of previous fundraising efforts
  • Have a specific project for funds, not daily running costs or maintenance costs as project
  • Indicate specific target group and size of group for proposed project
  • Indicate the community area that will benefit from this project
  • Indicate sustainability of the project and charity as a whole
  • Provide a SARS Tax Clearance Certificate for previous years’ financial statements

In addition to this set of criteria that our annual charity of choice is measured against, Lighthouse2Lighthouse Ladies as a NPO also adhere to the requirements as set out in the NPO Act 71 of 1997 (clause 17&18):

  • Our funding documents are available for public scrutiny
  • Annual financial statements are prepared and audited by an accountant
  • Income and/or property may never be distributed to its members

L2L Ladies Walk set out to comply fully with the requirements set out for a registered NPO and the work as volunteers on the L2L Ladies Walk committee is for the benefit of those less privileged, bringing light to the Overberg community.

Selection Process

The L2L Ladies Walk committee members hold a meeting to vote for a top 8 short-list of charity applications, with each member basing her vote on the selection criteria set out within the L2L Ladies Walk Constitution.

The votes are anonymous. The votes are audited and verified by an independent registered Accountant. The committee is informed of the results, after which impromptu visits are planned by committee members to visit the list of short-listed charities, to observe the daily workings of each charity at grass-roots level. This also provides an opportunity for the L2L Ladies Walk committee to evaluate the charity’s current situation and the relevance of the proposed project to each specific charity’s need.

Should the L2L Ladies Walk committee observe any discrepancies between any of the short-listed charities’ applications/ proposed projects/ information given and what they observed at the charities’ premises, the L2L Ladies Walk committee retain the right to question the management/ trustees/ representatives and clarify discrepancies to the committees’ joint satisfaction. Should the L2L Ladies Walk committee agree that a charity or charities’ project proposal(s) does not adhere to the criteria as set out in the L2L Ladies Walk Constitution, the committee retain the right to disqualify the applicant charity and remove the charity from the short-list.

The charities that remain on the short-list will then be invited to prepare a presentation of their proposed project to the Hermanus Business community, previous and future walkers and other interested parties, at the special presentation evening held in Hermanus in the month of August or September each year. Attendees will view the short-listed charities’ presentations and may cast their votes after all the presentations have been completed, to give an indication to the committee, of the thoughts of the public. 

Links of the respective presentations will be posted on the website after the presentation evening. After online registration has been completed, the registered walkers will be sent a link to view the presentations online and vote for their favourite and second choice charity.

The votes will be downloaded from the Website database in a spreadsheet format and automatically tallied. Our auditor/accountant will check the original votes and the tallying formulas. The authenticated results will be confirmed and released to the L2L Ladies Walk committee.

The L2L Ladies Walk Co-ordinator will inform the committee members of the results and contact the winning charity of its successful bid to receive the funds raised during the annual walk. The charity which receives the second most votes will also be notified by the co-ordinator. This charity will be able to hold a fundraising event in conjunction with L2L Ladies Walk during the official practice walk in the month of February or March of each year. The co-ordinator will inform all the other short-listed charities who were unsuccessful in their application and thank them for their participation and effort.

Winning charity’s responsibilities and participation

The L2L Ladies Walk will request the charity which won a majority of votes from the registered group of female walkers during the Registration Evening of the annual walk, to sign a Letter of Agreement. This letter informs the winning charity of the Terms & Conditions on which L2L Ladies Walk will raise funds towards the charity’s project and how the funds raised will be made available to the charity for use.

L2L Ladies Walk committee also encourages the winning charity to become involved in the events and activities hosted by L2L in the build-up towards the annual fundraising walk.

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