Lunch, Snacks & Drinks

Each walker has to carry a day back pack during the 4 day walk. Details about the choosing of a day back pack and which features to consider are discussed in detail in Section E: Preparations for the Walk- day backpack.

On the morning of the start of the Walk, each walker must equip her backpack with the following for the first day’s 18km walk:

  • 3 litres of water
  • Lunch meal and snack pack for 1 day
  • Roll of toilet paper/wet wipes /tissues
  • Lightweight rain jacket / poncho
  • Mini first aid kit (including personal medication for 1 day)
  • Sun hat / sun screen / sharong or towel to sit on
  • Camera / cell phone / additional battery pack if necessary
  • Walking sticks if desired

The day backpack is taken on the bus by each walker and remains in her personal possession throughout the 4 day walk.

Walkers will be able to pack lunch bags and snacks for days 2-4 during the breakfast at camp each morning. It is the responsibility of each walker to replenish her water and food stuffs for each day’s walk. Filtered water will be available to all walkers free of charge at camp to fill up their containers for the next day’s walk.

Coffee and tea will be provided free of charge to all walkers at camp.

A tuck shop at camp will sell cold drinks, energy drinks, sweets, chocolates and salty snacks to the walkers daily. All profits will be put towards the funding goal of the Walk.




The L2L Ladies Walk caters 3 dinners and 3 breakfasts to all walkers at Die Dam Holiday resort during the annual Walk. The L2L Committee endeavours to provide wholesome and nourishing meals to energise the women and replenish body and mind.

Every walker is required to indicate any dietary requirements or allergies on her Entry Form when she registers for the Walk. Special dietary needs are then accommodated for as much as possible.

The group of walkers gather each evening at a central point in the camp, where they get comfortable in their camp chairs, pour themselves a drink and reminisce with new-found friends about their days’ experiences. The L2L Committee relays any necessary information regarding the next day’s walk, such as breakfast time, assembly time and other useful tips as needed.

The dinners and breakfast are laid out buffet style and walkers are served a balanced meal around the campfire. This is made possible by the very generous sponsorship and donations made by businesses in the Food & Beverage industry of Hermanus and the wider region. Local restaurants also offer their culinary skills to assist in the preparation of the meals to be transported to the camp.

Each year a hardworking group of catering volunteers assists the committee at camp to set-up the kitchen area, warm-up and prepare the fresh dishes for every meal and wash-up the dishes, pots and pans afterwards. Without these kind individuals, the walkers would not be able to continue the Walk and raise funds for charity each year.