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Lighthouse 2 Lighthouse

Bringing light to the Overstrand community



Bringing light to the Overstrand


Lighthouse2Lighthouse is a not for profit organisation (NPO169-860) that raises funds for charities in the Overstrand.

Money is raised by mobilising the fundraising efforts of 120 committed, generous and fit ladies  who walk the 4-day 100km walk from the lighthouse at L’Agulhas (southern most tip of Africa) to Danger Point lighthouse in Gansbaai.  Funds are raised through the Official L2L Walk, the Practice Walks and the all new Virtual Practice Walk series.

Since its inception in 2006, L2L has raised nearly R5million and supported more than 20 different charities in the Overstrand.

The L2L Committee is made up of a small team of volunteers that manage the running of the activities of the NPO.  Ronelle van Zyl is currently the chairperson of the committee.


The L2L Ladies’ Charity Walk is an annual 4-day, 100km walk that takes place along the pristine south coast of South Africa. 

120 Ladies walk along the undisturbed beaches protected by Cape Nature.  Special permission is gained to do these walks and the walkers take special care to only leave memories behind on this beautiful trail.

Each walker commits to raise a minimum of R4000.  Each person is able to raise these funds in the best way they see fit.  Generously donated prizes are awarded to the highest fundraisers.

This is a bucket list experience that anyone passionate about making a difference in the Overstrand should consider.



As main beneficiary, HCFS would like to use the L2L funds to purchase and upgrade a home in Zwelihle / Mount Pleasant.


As secondary beneficiary, Overstrand Hospice would like to buy 2 vehicles to provide palliative care.


Due to the impact of the worldwide pandemic, L2L has agreed to support all 11 of the remaining charities by raising funds throught he practice walks and virtual walks.

What we do

Our Activities

supporting charities

The ladies involved in L2L care deeply for their communities.  These are ladies from all over South Africa.  As speicific needs are identified, L2L is able to identify when it is possible to support these charities or projects.

raising funds

Our long standing relationship with our supporters, donors and sponsors facilitates the raising of funds. 

As a registered NPO (NPO 169-860), we spare no effort in using the money we raise to support the charities we have identified as beneficiaries.


The founders of this charity walked to raise funds for their cancer charity in 2006.  This tradition is embedded in the vision and mission of L2L.

The walking is completed through the Official Charity Walk, the Practice Walks and the all new Virual Walk series.

bringing light

The ultimate purpose of a lighthouse is to use light to stop ships from crashing into land when visibility is poor at sea. 

The Overstrand is the L2L Ladies’ Charity sea and the aim of L2L is to support charitable projects in such a way that they are not shipwrecked due to lack of funds. 

What Drives Us

Our Vision

to bring light to the Overstrand Community by fundraising for charities

Our Mission

To host walking events along the coastline from Agulhas Lighthouse to Danger Point Lighthouse, to raise funds for selected charities in the Overstrand

Our Patron

Elnora Gillian

Elnora Gillian, Deputy Major of the Overstrand, is our new patron.  Elnora embodies the spirit of Lighthouse 2 Lighthouse and represents the organisation. As Lighthouse 2 Lighthouse Ladies is an all-female walk, we’re thrilled that we could be represented by this dynamic business woman from the Overstrand community.

Elnora has been supportive of L2L Ladies through all events, even blessing and participating in the Official Practice Walk earlier this year from De Kelders to Grotto Beach. She is involved in the community and is always willing to assist L2L with advice (and assistance) from the municipality regarding our projects. Elnora’s current portfolio is Infrastructure and Planning, but she also over-sees all other portfolios in the municipality due to her role as the Deputy Executive Mayor.

After her involvement in Lighthouse 2 Lighthouse and the love she has shown for her local community, we realised that Elnora was the obvious choice to take over from Nicolette Botha, our longstanding patron of 10 years. We are thrilled to have Elnora onboard with us.

NPO Status

Lighthouse2lighthouse is registered as a Not for Profit Organisation (NPO169-860).

Our effort is to ensure that our sponsors and donors know that the money that is raised is given to the charities we have identified for the year.  

All our sponsors and donors are able to apply for a tax certificate should they require one.

Sponsorship & Donations

In order to donate as much of the money that is raised as possible, we require the help of sponsors.

Each event requires resources – especially the 4-day 100km hike.  This includes groceries, T-shirts, branded tog bags and much more.


Sponsors 2021

upcoming dates

News & Events



Official Charity Walk

  • 13 – 16 May 2021



The COVID-19 has impacted everyone – more so the charities in the Overstrand.

To this end, we are introducing the Virtual Walk series aimed at raising funds that will be shared amongst the other charities that applied for funding but weren’t voted as main or secondary beneficiary.